Dr. Aziz Chraibi

Eng., cGMP Process, Facilities Engineering & Compliance


Dr. Chraibi is involved with a Canadian Consulting company leading c-EUGMP Cannabis Engineering & Facilities Compliance.

Dr. Chraibi provides Turnkey c-EUGMP services for Sanitary Process (ASME-BPE), Hygienic Facilities & Layout Engineering (ISO-14644), Project & Onsite Construction Management, Quality Assurance, Validation, SOP, Pre-Approval Inspection.

Dr. Chraibi acquired strong expertise in Indoor & Greenhouse, Mobile Vertical Racking Cannabis Growing, Solvent Free Extraction & Purification of THC & CBD Oils ingredients (API, DMF), overall c-EUGMP facilities requirements and compliance from Cultivation, Trimming, Drying, Curing, Primary and secondary Packaging, Extraction, Purification, Washing Area involving CIP & COP Tanks, Cabinet Washer, Sanitization Technologies, as well as Compounding Drugs & NHP.